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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Based on the beachside of the Sunshine Coast, it is very rare I get to travel to more rural areas for work, so I was so ecstatic to have been asked to visit this little country abode. As soon as I stepped one foot on their property I felt so relaxed, there is really something about that fresh country air.

Meeting this red headed duo was a dream. Sometimes you meet people and you just click instantly, from the first words we spoke I felt like I had known Rohan and Ellie for years. And when they introduced their little boy to me, I could see how excited, happy and in love they were with him and each other.

I am always interested in everyone’s birth story. This new family had a very scary start to little Jack’s new life, and they could have almost lost him. This little baby boy is quite literally a miracle baby. Thankfully mum and baby are well, but hearing those words sent chills down my spine, I cannot even imagine what they must have felt and how relieved they must feel. Without going into details as it is their special story to tell, but one of the biggest things I took away is the fact that we should always follow our own parental instincts and also the reminder that the human body is an incredible thing. We are so happy that this precious little boy is healthy and enjoying his first days earth side!! The bond already between him and his parents is unbreakable, and I am so excited to watch this little farm boy grow.

We enjoyed taking some beautiful memories, which completely encapsulated the every day lives of this family. We couldn’t wait to get outside. (I may have had to borrow some gumboots, Thankyou Rohan for checking in them for snakes, frogs and spiders first) with 4 dogs photo bombing the photos as well as a heard of cows you can imagine how much fun I had.

I am bawling my eyes out in happy tears. Thank you so much. They are just perfect. You are so amazing. Thank you again for capturing my family so beautifully and naturally. You make us want to have 100 babies just so we can do the newborn photos over and over again!