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what to wear...

I adore documenting lifestyle newborn sessions because my clients can incorporate more of themselves into the session…that is what makes every session so unique. Your home décor, the colours and of course your style might play a part in what clothing you choose. The images I capture are to create natural and candid photos of you enjoying family time in your home space.

Your session is coming up and you are unsure how best to prepare for your newborn and family photo shoot. Here are some simple tips that will make a huge difference.


We know new babies do alot of snoozing. But sometimes, their sleep routine does not cooperate with our photoshoot plans. If you are hoping for those delightful sleepy newborn poses with your bubba, keep them awake for a good while before your photographer arrives. I know this can be difficult, but stimulate them as much as you can. This will help them feel extra tired during the session. You can to give them a bath, tickle their toes, let them kick with only a diaper on for some examples.


Is there anything more adorable than a contented, milk-drunk newborn? (Hint: the answer is a resounding “no”). To ensure their photo session goes smoothly without the interruption of frantic cries for milk, it’s crucial to feed and burp your infant right before the shoot begins. Typically, photo sessions last around two hours, providing ample time for refueling if your little one wakes up expecting a snack. Just ensure you have an extra bottle on hand if you’re using formula. (Dummies are also a godsend if you use them).

Get bubby comfy and ready

When you are ready to give your baby the feed right before the shoot. Undress them, change their nappy, and wrap them in a comfy swaddle. Then you can feed them like this. That way when I arrive and your baby is already fast asleep we can get straight into the shoot without having to undress bubby and potentially wake them up again.


This message is dedicated to you, Mumma bear.

Trust in Sheree’s expertise and allow her to take the lead. As a mother, it’s natural to feel the urge to respond to every sound your baby makes, but it can be challenging to relinquish control to someone else. Just know Sheree feels comfortable and experienced in what she is doing, not only has handled and photographed babies for over a decade, she is also a mother to 3 children (one who just turned 18!) They really do grow up too fast.

This being said, if you begin to feel uneasy at any point during the session, don’t hesitate to communicate your concerns. Your comfort is just as crucial as your baby’s well-being.

Furthermore, try not to fret if your little one becomes fussy. Babies can pick up on their mother’s stress or tension, This can be a good time for you to really relax, and enjoy a well needed coffee.

Sheree will bring a few blankets and wraps, but she keeps it simple. We don’t need a long list of props and outfits to capture all the love.


I know! You just had a baby and you are sleep deprived. PLEASE do not frantically clean your home. Sheree 100% does NOT care if there is clutter in the kitchen, the floor needs a vac, or the toilet needs a freshen up. Please be kind to yourself and know there is never any judgement . You would personally know some of the cuter or more stylish nooks of your house that could possibly be a good space for a few pics, Just simply tidy those spots. Sheree will often use the main bedroom, so in preparation open up the blinds, make the bed (light coloured and plain linen always looks great), and remove some items such as drink bottles and cords etc from the bedside tables. The lounge is also another space used, as well as windows areas, front entries or back porches.