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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Baby Parkes.       

There is something so special about photographing new parents. I instantly see a teeny tiny baby snuggled up in his dad’s arms as I walk in the door. Paris introduces herself and her husband Matt. They are both beaming with pride as they unravel the wrap to unveil their perfect little bundle who they have named Parkes. Only 9 days old, he stretches out his little arms and gives a big yawn and it completely melts my heart.

I wanted this shoot to be focused on the connection between Paris and Matt and their newborn, capturing that baby bubble that they are both experiencing together for the first time. I took advantage of the gorgeous sunlight shining through their main bedroom window, using the warm morning light to softly light up their faces. Each click of the camera capturing their unconditional love as they look down at Parkes tiny sweet face. Mum holds him tenderly and dad cuddles in too, both of them absolutely besotted with their little boy.

We chat about life as new parents, talk about breastfeeding, and the birth. Matt shakes his head in awe of what his wife did to bring their little boy into this world. I try and tell them that they will forget the more intense parts and do it all again one day. It is all a bit fresh for Paris and she gives me that knowing look like “Not any time soon!” I wink at her as I can totally relate.

I look around and admire their home decor, deciding what I will pull into their shots. I notice a mix of warm sunny tones with a bohemian meets Mediterranean vibe. There are some original 70s touches that I love and I see an aesthetic of whites, burnt orange and olive greens surrounding us. I decide to pick up some throw blankets in the home to bring those colours into their session so their photos would feel like home. I notice a unique blanket stretched over their spare bed, and I scratch my head on whether I will use it or not. I am told that the colourful quilt was hand made by baby Parkes great grandmother “Nanna Dot”. She had it made before they even announced they were pregnant. They point out different patches to me on the quilt that represent different members of the family. Nanna Dot turns 90 this year so I thought it was an absolute MUST to get images of Parkes lying on the quilt. The newest member of the family, and so the family tradition will continue. Nanna Dot better get to work to make the next patch!!

I leave you with some dreamy images of this adorable little family and not forgetting big brother “Buster” the dog. What special times they have ahead of them. I hope these images will always remind them of this special time.

Thanks so much for the photo session! You can work miracles with babies that’s for sure.