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Cushing Family       

I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard from Kylee who was wanting an updated family photoshoot. I had photographed her two older kiddies years ago for a sibling session and had also captured some beautiful outdoor newborn photos when her 3rd baby was born. It had been 5 years since we had spoken and I was very excited to see how all her kids had grown and to catch up with her and her husband again!!!

Last time we did a shoot we were at a beach location and this time she wanted to have more of an earthy, country feel to her images. Maybe somewhere with a lot of trees, or long grass. I spent the time leading up to her session to find the perfect setting for her and I was happy to find the perfect spot which had beautiful long grass, a long dusty road and was alongside water also!! Win win!!!

As soon as I arrived to meet them I knew we were going to have heaps of fun. Dad was already throwing the footy to the kids and mum was telling her daughter to not ruin her dress. I laughed and couldn’t wait to get started as I new this was going to be great.

Our shoot was fun and chilled out, filled with making memories together and capturing the bond between them all. With the kids skimming rocks along the water and having running races. We ended up with 115 beautiful images so it was hard to choose just a few for the blog but here are some of my faves!! Once we finished up our shoot we shared some beers and watched the last of the sunset together. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is my job!!

I am so blessed to have clients who I can call my lifetime clients where I can capture significant times in their lives. I look forward to our next session in the future and wish these guys all the love and happiness.

My photos are stunning! I find myself looking through them every day! You really did such an amazing job, I’m beyond happy!!!