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19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA
Margot &

Do I really get to cuddle and photograph not one but two tiny new humans and call it my job? These precious little girls were born at 34 weeks and were finally home from hospital at 4 weeks old, but soooo tiny because not even supposed to be born yet! In the photos they look like regular sized newborns but seriously they were mini mini mini!!!! I find when I photograph twins it can sometimes be easier than doing a solo baby, as they cling to each other so naturally and they are at ease because they know they have each other. It is so incredible the bond you see it must be so special to be a twin. Mum and Dad are absolutely beside themselves with pride and love for their beautiful little girls. Can not wait to see how they grow and what they will look like as they get bigger! Thankyou for the opportunity to photograph this precious time and a double thankyou for the cuddles!!