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Baby Saffron.       

Sometimes in life you meet people that just make you smile so hard that it makes your cheeks hurt. This little family I have a special place in my heart for. I have been lucky to have them as neighbours and I have seen Hayley-Brea & Kevin’s journey from being a young couple, to newly married, and expecting their first child (gorgeous Moses) and now they’v e had their second baby to complete their little clan, a gorgeous baby girl Saffron.

As soon as I walk in I am welcomed by one of my fave little humans of all time, little Moses, who endearingly calls me “haree” and shows me to his favourite toys. I love being around this family. Anyone who knows them personally would agree. They are so happy and wholesome, and I feel like they really do stop and smell the roses. Enjoying every second of their little baby bubble. There is so much love in this house and the words of mumma herself were “It’s messy and hard yet absolutely beautiful”. I couldn’t wait to capture it all, and I can not wait to watch this family continue to grow.

Thankyou for capturing a very special time in our lives. I love every photo you took of us, they’ll never be this small again.

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Oh Sheree. You are one beautiful soul. What beautiful and kind words. It absolutely did not feel like a shoot, you made us feel so comfortable. You are incredibly talented in the work you do. I do love EVERY SINGLE photo and DEFINITELY need more wall space 😉🥰🥰😘😘😘

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